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Mina Handmade Chocolates to be presented at the Salon du Chocolat, Brussels

Published on
March 27, 2017
Mina Apostolides

New Atelier/ Boutique: Rue du Hameau 112A. 1640, Rhode Saint Genese First Participation at Salon Du Chocolat , Brussels-10—12.2.2017

“Handmade chocolates by Mina Apostolidis, crafted in the same tradition as French and Spanish chocolatiers. A depth of chocolate aromas, presented with balanced and finesse.” Harper’s Bazaar Greek edition, 2010

The finest chocolates crafted from hand-selected ingredients from the finest gardens in the world.

Rosewater truffles, coffee and cardamom, homemade sour -cherry liquer, champagne ,whisky single malt, port or limoncello, mavrodaphne and dried fig,olive oil, orange and cinammon, these are the most known of the truffles- all with feminine names: “Agata” for Limoncello, “Layla” for rosewater, “Athena” for the mavrodaphne and fig… Then, there is , ‘Shahrazad’, the tahini praline with salted and caramelised almonds. The gianduias, the canapès, the “Lasures”, along with the “sur mesure” bars with nuts and ganaches, the lollipops, the carrès, the buds, the mouth -watering few chocolate desserts, etc…

My chocolates are crafted from the finest of chocolates and premium ingredients from the Mediterranean and The Middle East. My aim is tradition and innovation, a balanced twist, each with its own narrative of flavors. I make many of my ingredients especially to ensure that each creation gives you a unique experience like the sour cherry liqueur. I dry sour cherries, roast or caramelize almonds and pistachios. The rest of my palette of aromas and spices is selected from the rarest gardens of the world, cardamom from Asia, rosewater from Lebanon or Iran, tahini from Greece, pistachios from the island of Aegina, to name a few.