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Canapé–from the French word for ‘couch’ . A sumptuous garnish on a luxurious base.
A variety of dark chocolate bases of different origins sprinkled with a variety of nuts, dried fruit, etc

The darkest chocolates are preferred by wine connoisseurs and the health-conscious.
chocolate 61% topped with chopped almonds and dried figs from Kymi, Greece

Inspired by childhood memories of the New Year’s festivities, the table loaded with platters of dried fruit, almonds, walnuts and pistachios. An excellent partner of red wine.

The Story Behind Figs

Thick squares of milk or dark chocolate, mixed with nuts, dried fruit,
oats and honey homemade crunchy bars .
Easy to pack and take on picnics, ideal for easy (and if dark, healthy)
munching, great at school or work.

milk chocolate with cookies-top pick for the young, of all ages